How to Create a Blog from Scratch and Drive Traffic Instantly

Do you want more traffic to your primary website, but don’t want to spend lots of money on Google Adwords or other expensive advertising mediums? Using a fresh blog is a great option. Many people have stopped using blogs, because they don’t know how to get blog traffic. In fact, blogs are one of the fastest ways to set up a new website and get traffic quickly.

Before you even start with blog marketing read this top tips first. Here key steps to create blog traffic and get high search engine rankings:

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Get Your Own Domain Name

You will get the best results by buying a new domain name. Always choose a domain name with keyword specific words. If you can find a pre-owned domain name then this will work better, since it’s already listed in the search engines for a while.

Install Free Blog Software

Once you have your domain name then you need to install blog software right away. You can use wordpress or moveable type, which work best for this purpose. I find wordpress to the best and simplest to use and it can be installed via your backend server package.

Change the Design to Attract more Visitors

If you want to change the design of the blog then you can do that. I would not spend too long on this issue other than changing it from the default design. Once you have more traffic and some income, you can design a more attractive blog.

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

This is the part of the process, which lets you quickly get ranked in the search engines and drastically improves the SEO of the blog. While blogs are generally more search engine friendly anyway, you can enhance the blog ranking with these small teaks:

  • Add social bookmark links
  • HTML code containing your keywords
  • Keyword focused title page
  • SEO friendly URLS
  • Sitemap
  • RSS subscription options

There are several strategies you can implement within your site or blog that will bring the traffic right to you, giving your products or services, or even just your information a chance to be seen.

Drive more Blog Traffic with SEO Plugins

You should use this time to add a number of helpful plugins to the blog software. With wordpress there are number of plugins that will directly generate more blog traffic via SEO enhancements. Here are the top 3 SEO plugins you should install:

  1. All in one SEO Pack
    This is must have plugin. It allows you to edit the meta title and description of each blog post. By optimizing each blog post with the relevant keyword you will get a higher ranking and click through rate.

  2. Google XML Sitemaps
    This pluging Generates an XML sitemap supported by Google, Bing, Yahoo. A sitemap makes the search engine robots easier to crawl all your blog posts. The robots can now see your complete website structure more efficiently, so your blog posts will be indexed in the search engines.

  3. SEO Slugs
    This tool will your blog post url SEO friendly by allowing you to add or change keywords. By having a search engine friendly URL your blog post will be indexed easier and get higher blog ranking

Pinging and Trackbacks to Get More Blog Traffic

You need to activate this feature on your blog, so that the search engines know about your content when you create new posts. This will also notify the blog readers that are following your blog.

Start Posting Content Frequently

Start posting your own content or find other content to use. Make sure the content is completely unique; otherwise it won’t get ranking in the search engines. Publish your blog post frequent and focus on your subject. This will you targeted blog traffic from blog followes and the seach engines.

Wait, Don’t Stop… Promote Your Blog Using Link Building Strategies

After your blog is installed and you are posting it regularly, it’s time to get more inbound links to get an even higher ranking.

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