How Blogging, Facebook and Twitter work together

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Most Internet marketers know that they should be using blogs, Facebook and Twitter together in order to increase their subscriber base, client list and reputation in their markets. The key is knowing how to use these very powerful tools together so that your entire marketing strategy works in unison. If you are able to bring these three very powerful marketing methods together, then you will see your results dramatically increase.

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Integration of Blog, Facebook and Twitter is so easy

The reason that blogs work so well with Facebook and Twitter is that all of these platforms are interactive methods of communication. The old static HTML website did not allow interaction with readers, visitors and customers, which was a roadblock for many businesses.

Now with the modern Internet technology, anyone can interact with potentially thousands of people at any time of the day. As long as you create a message that speaks directly to your market and the people that you want to attract, then you will find many people want to take part in that conversation.

Create A Large Audience Using All Three Social Media Strategies

The great benefits of tying Facebook, Twitter and your blog together are that you have a much broader audience. You will also find that you can target more potential customers and reach them with your marketing message.

For example, some of your subscribers might not read your blog, but they will see your Twitter updates and then follow the link. Likewise, many people check their Facebook updates daily and they will see any updates that you have posted. As Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networking platforms, you are more likely to get your marketing messages seen by people when you use these tools. There are many people who even believe these platforms are going to overtake email for communication purposes.

On a side note, you can synchronise your Facebook and Twitter accounts to work together (so that one post updates both platforms). Using Facebook and Twitter together will cut down on the amount of time that you need to spend on making your own updates.
You can find a way to do this by going to your Twitter page and finding the widgets section. There is a button that says, “Install twitter in face book”. You can then approve the installation and type in your Twitter username and password. Once this is complete, you will see a Twitter application in the middle of your Facebook page.

This then lets you use Facebook and Twitter however you wish. You can have Facebook update your Twitter account, or do things the other way around. If you want Twitter to update Facebook, click the big grey button that says “Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status,” then click the blue “Allow Status Updates” button.
It is very important to communicate with your market and subscribers in ways which they feel most comfortable with. As such, using the most interactive forms of marketing makes the most sense. Blogging while also using Twitter and Facebook is certainly the wave of the future.

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Combining All Three: Blog marketing, Facebook marketing and Twitter Marketing

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