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Search engine optimization and blog marketing are two interrelated aspects of Internet marketing. The two aspects work in unison and can be used to create a very profitable Internet based business without spending lots of money in the process.
There are many people who spend thousands of dollars in order to bring traffic to their websites. This is a way of generating a lot of income online, but many people also lose a great deal of income, which prevents them from continuing with their online business.

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Here are some of the key ways in which power of SEO and blog marketing can help you to generate free traffic:

Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

There are many small changes that you can make to your blog, which will increase you natural search engine rankings. For example, you can add relevant keywords and categories to your blog and the blog posts that you create. This can be done in just a few minutes, but the effect on your website ranking is dramatic. You will see a quick increase in your rankings, and without any money spent in the process.

Viral Nature of Blogging

Blogging is a very viral and interactive process. You can make simple three hundred to four hundred word posts that will have many knock on effects.
Blogs are also the best form of communication between you and your prospects and clients. In the modern age, an efficient means of communication is more important than ever. Companies and individuals need to communicate with their markets in order to express what they offer, to show that they can deliver on their promises and to stay in constant communication.

Even more important than ever is that the company appears to be transparent in how they deal with customers and clients. As the Internet becomes more and more popular as means of sales and marketing, the choice for customers is expanded. As such, regular communication before a sale is even made is more important than ever before (as a customer can simply choose a competitor).

Blogs can be used as a very powerful medium for creating a small community of like-minded people to congregate and communicate with one another. If you can turn your blog into something that people feel part of (and regularly return to), you will find that your blog becomes an authority website.

This is a very powerful method of marketing, as you will be seen as an advisor and gain a great deal of trust from your readers. This is also a very good sales model as you can sell and recommend affiliate products to people on your email list.

You should aim to create a small community on your blog and become the central hub in your niche market. If you are able to generate this type of relationship with your market, then your SEO results will expand exponentially. You will find that your website links are posted throughout websites in your marketplace, not to mention via social media platforms, other blogs, forums and other important websites.

As you can see, building a relationship is the power that a blog offers. Focusing on this aspect along with SEO tips will bring you the results you want for your business.

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SEO MARKTING 30 days > Introduction Blog Marketing > Power of SEO and Blog Marketing