Top 10 Mistakes Destroying your Business Blog

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Blogs are one of the single best tools for increasing your readership, audience, subscribers and client list, however there are also a number of ways in which things can be go horribly wrong. This article is going to cover the top ten mistakes that will destroy a business blog.

Keyword Stuffing in the Meta Tags

Ten years ago, meta-tag keyword stuffing worked great for increasing search engine rankings. Unfortunately it does not work today but many people still persist in the practice. You certainly do need to add keywords to your meta-tags (relevant to your website and products) but keyword stuffing will destroy your blog, and can get it de-indexed from the search engines.

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Failing to Use Keywords in Your Blog Title and Permalinks
Failing to use keywords in the blog title and permalinks is something that many people overlook. The title is the sentence that you see at the top of the page (in the bar), and it should be relevant to what the page is about. The URL link (known as the permalink) should also be relevant to the subject matter. These are two of the key areas of any blog that need to be implemented correctly as they are hugely important when a search engine decides where to rank your website.

The title and the permalink do not need to be same but they need to have the same theme as one another. Blogs offer a number of settings for permalinks, which makes the process very simple and easy. Wordpress is especially good as it lets you customise the permalink to include the keywords that will help your blog get ranked higher.

Filling your business blog with Advertisement
Having advertisement on your blog is a good idea, as long as they enhance the user experience and are relevant to what your blog is about. In saying that, you should never overpower your blog with adverts, as this will immediately turn people away from reading your content. The focus of a business blog should always be about the content that you are offering.

When people see many adverts on a blog they immediately bracket that blog as a spam blog or just another affiliate blog trying to make sales. This is not the positioning that leads to a sustainable business online. You need to focus on the customer’s needs, desires, wishes and wants with the content you make available.

Not Having a Unique Selling Point (USP)
Your business blog is competing with all the others in your marketplace. There is no way you can stand out unless you differentiate your blog from the others. This can be done in a number of different ways. For example, you can setup your blog in a unique manner, you can offer a certain incentive, you can specialize in a certain aspect of the market and so on.

The key takeaway point here it not to copy others in the marketplace, but to stand out and be different so that you are remembered and become the authority.

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SEO MARKTING 30 days > Introduction Blog Marketing > 10 Mistakes Destroying Your Business Blog