Getting Top Google Ranking with SEO
Three Things Only: Keywords, Content and Links

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The search engines place great emphasis on keywords and backlinks for ranking your content and site. One the best ways to get lots of traffic is to create keyword-focused content on your site with a blog and articles. Only quality content can maximize your sales.

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Getting Top Google Ranking Starts with Quality Content

SEO (search engine optimization) is optimizing your website, content and articles in such a way that they will be more relevant match to the online user search terms. When the search engines consider your website and content as relevant to their web visitors search terms, they will you a good rating. Your website will get a high position in the search results.

To use SEO in the right way, you will need start creating your own website content. Blogs and articles are one of is the best way to get more visitors through SEO. Create quality content by putting articles with topics that are related to your niche, targets and products. Don’t just put some arbitrary thoughts or unrelated topics on your website.

How do You Create Quality Content that Google Loves?

To create relevant content for your website you’ll first compile for yourself keyword search terms that are related to your niche, targets and products and then create content on these keywords on your website as web pages.

What you’re simply doing is turning keyword-focused articles into web pages. You can also assign keywords to some tags in the html code of your web page as part of your SEO effort.

How to Find the Matching Keywords for Your Customers?

Create headings under your chosen niche and then compile keyword search terms relating to each one of your headings. For example if you’re selling in the health niche you can create headings that look like these "First Aid", "Vision", "Fitness", "Nutrition", "Hearing" etc.

Bear in mind that you may also chose a sub-heading out of these lots as your chosen niche, for example you can choose "Fitness" as your niche out of all the other sub-headings under the health niche.

Once you’ve finished creating your website content, you can use some of the keywords you compiled earlier to create keyword-focused articles. Submit these articles to other websites for the promotion your website and getting more inbound links.

Create Quality Back Links to Boost Your Google Ranking

Submitting your articles to other websites will drive more traffic to your site, and also create quality backlinks. Submit your articles to sites with high pageranks or related to your niche. Here is a list of effective SEO strategies to build links:
  • Article Marketing
  • Yahoo Answer Marketing
  • Document Sharing
  • Ebook Submission
  • Press Release Submission

If the search engines see a lot of high-ranking or relevant websites pointing to your own site, your search engine ranking will increase. Thereby making it easier for the web users to find your website. Together with quality content showing in the search engine search you will get more targeted traffic and sales.

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Getting Top Ranking with SEO, Three Things Only: Keywords, Content and Links