How Document Distribution Can Attract More Buyers

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Are your SEO techniques not effective or frustrated by the low traffic to your website? Did you know that marketing experts use document sharing as an effective SEO tool to reach massive audience?

Top 3 Business Benefits of Document Sharing

  • Get more targeted visitors
  • Gain access to a large audience
  • Built trust and show expertise
  • Long term free traffic to your website
  • Get high ranking in Google

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Achieve Top Ranking in Google With Document Sharing

Building quality inbound is the key to get a top ranking in the search engines. Smart marketers have already discovered the use of file sharing can increase website ranking and attract prospects this way.

Transform Your Documents Into Traffic Magnets

Did you know that people at internet are looking for information to solve a specific problem? When you provide a know-how document or a newsworthy article, you can attract more readers. With document publishing sites you can redirect these prospects back to your website.

Gain Credibility By Sharing Knowledge with Document

What is the biggest question your prospect are asking? Can I trust this company? With document sharing you no longer need to worry about credibility anymore. You can show yourself as an expert in your own field and get trusted immediately.

Many online readers are looking for a solution to solve a certain problem. By providing a free solution with document sharing, you are helping many readers who have a problem. Problem seekers who found your document are happy to see the information and will appreciate your help.

How FREE Advertising Can help Your Business?

Most popular file sharing sites such as Scribd and Docstoc are mainly used by readers, colleagues, co-workers, team members and clients to share files. And the best of all, they are FREE. These sites allow you to upload and immediately publish documents in various formats such as spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, and PDF files.

You can turn these documents into free advertising material by making them available for sharing to a large audience.

What Makes Our Document Distribution Technique Different from Others?

The success of document sharing is quality content. We don’t just do link building, we also provide compelling content for you. This the best way to attract and keep your readers asking you for more.

Unlike other companies, we have professional writers with over 10 years experience who loves to write for you. Interesting, exciting information.

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Guaranteed Quality Work From Our SEO Team

Not sure about the work results? Rest assured, we provide you with the full detailed report of the distribution work after completion. You will also receive the login for all accounts.

Key Features

  • A know-how document written by experienced writers
  • Distribute document to top 20 most popular document sharing sites
  • 20 permanent links back to your website from the public profile
  • 20 quality links from the published document

Already have your own documents? Send it to use and our expert writers will review and revise it for you.

How Document Distribution Can Attract More Buyers

SEO MARKTING 30 days > SEO Service > Document Sharing