Attract More Buyers with Ebook Distribution

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Tired of not getting enough visitors to your website? Wondering why your online sales is still low?

The answer is simple: you are not using the right marketing technique or not at all. Here is an effective way to attract more buyers: distribution of free Ebook.

Did you know that E-books distribution is a smart way to generate free traffic and gain top search engine rankings? They are very simple to create and only need to be about ten pages or more.

Top 5 Benefits Using E-Book In Your Marketing Campaign

  • Increase search engine ranking
  • Attract targeted visitors
  • Build trust with prospects quickly
  • Low Cost Marketing
  • Long Term Free Traffic

Get More Buyers with
Ebook Distribution For Only $69

Ebook Is A Powerful Viral Marketing Tool - Publish and Distribute

Have you ever thought about giving an ebook away for free? Ebooks are effective as they can be passed around from one person to another and from website to website. Besides increasing SEO rankings of your website, E-book distribution is a powerful viral marketing tool.

Increase Your B2B Sales with Ebook Marketing

You could make an E-Book and allow other businesses to give copies away free to their clients, partners or website visitors. This creates a beautiful a win-win relationship:

  • Your clients or partners are gaining benefits from the ebook, because their readers/customers get something valuable for free.

  • You benefit, because your E-Book tells these new readers about your business

Rank Higher In The Search Engines By Creating Inbound Links

By submitting your ebook to the high traffic ebook distribution websites you are building quality inbound links. This will increase your SEO rankings in the major search engines. Even better, by giving this Ebook for free you can even attract more inbound links from bloggers.

Millions of People Are Reading Ebooks and with Ipad the Number is Growing Fast

Imagine all these people reading your Ebook and easily turn them into your buyers. Yes, with Ebook you can now attract more customers, because people love free valuable information.

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For Only $69

Guaranteed Quality Work From Our SEO Team

All submission are done by our SEO specialist. Once the work is finished you will receive a detailed report of the submission, so you can track the results. You will also get full access to the press release directories.

Key Features of Our Ebook Distribution

  • Ebook posted to 20 High Traffic Websites
  • 100% manual submission
  • Detailed Report of the Submission
  • Quality Inbound Links

Three Extra Tips To Get Real Buyers with Ebook, Not Just Traffic

How can you use a free Ebook to market your product or service?
  • Use your free E-Book as a bonus, or thank you gift for your web site visitors
  • Use the E-Book to remind readers about your business or products
  • You could include advertising within your free E-Book.

How To Create A Good E-Book For Distribution?

Does your company have how-to document that your clients are looking for? Create an Ebook with valuable information that your target market is looking for.

Do you have valuable experience in, or insight into, a subject like animal/pet-care, astronomy, business, child-care, computers, cosmetics & make-up, education, design, education, farming, fitness, graphics, history, marketing, planning, retail, sales, sports, technology, travel, wedding planning...or any other subject where your in-depth knowledge could be of great benefit to others.

Get More Buyers with
Ebook Distribution For Only $69

Attract More Buyers with Ebook Distribution

SEO MARKTING 30 days > SEO Service > Ebook Marketing