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– Powerful Marketing Tool To Get FREE Publicity

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Are you struggling to promote your brand or increase online reputation? Want to get your company in the media without spending thousands of dollars? Online press release is your solution.

Press release has an massive impact has on brand management. In addition it gives your website high quality links that will increase the SEO rankings. How to get your company in front of the journalist? Read on...

Top 5 Benefits of Press Release

  • Increase huge amount of traffic
  • Attract targeted visitors
  • Build trust with prospects quickly
  • Increase your product or service sales
  • Free publicity in the newspaper

Press Release amazingly increase search engines rankings and drive more visitors to your website. More visitors means more sales.

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Attract Prospects, Not Just Journalist To Your Company
with Press Release

Let’s face it, getting free publicity from the newspaper is difficult You need to know the journalist. What if your press release is not noticed by the journalist? Don’t worry.

What you really need is prospects. With an online press release your website can increases your SEO ranking within Google, Bing and Yahoo. Because people are looking for newsworthy articles, your press release will attract more prospects that can be turned into buyers easily

Three Main Reasons Why You Should Use Press Release ?

  • Increases ranking quickly in search engines with press release
  • Get massive inbound links from press press releases
  • Free media marketing

Spread Your News Like A Wild Fire with Press Release

Nothing beats Press release as the fastest way to spread your message through the media. Besides, online press releases are designed to help increase your online visibility, reach more people and increase search engine ranking. Your marketing campaign is not complete without any kind of press release.

An online press release is similar to a traditional press release, but with added benefits like links to outside sources, images, audio, videos and more

Why You Should Use Our 100% Manual Press Release Distribution Service?

All submission are done without automated software. We follow the Google guidelines by submitting a press release manually for you. It’s very time consuming process, but that’s the best way to increase search engine rankings.

100% Manual Submission of Press Release,
Following Google SEO Guidelines

We write compelling news for you to attract the journalist and more inbound links.

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Guaranteed Quality Work From Our SEO Team

All submission are done by our SEO specialist. Once the work is finished you will receive a detailed report of the submission, so you can track the results. You will also get full access to the article directories.

Key Features of Our Press Release

  • One quality press release written by our professional writer
  • Press release submitted to 20 High Traffic Press Directories
  • 100% manual submission
  • Detailed Report of the Submission
  • Do-Follow Quality Inbound Links

Press Release – Powerful Marketing Tool To Get FREE Publicity

SEO MARKTING 30 days > SEO Service > Press Release