Are Your SEO Strategies NOT Delivering Enough Traffic?

Why is search engine optimization (SEO) such a big challenge,
Eeven for the most tech-savvy Internet business owner?

Most online business owners are more interested in serving their clients and customers than spending time becoming an SEO expert.

But without enough well-qualified visitors to your site, you'll soon be out of business.

Consider These Shocking Online Facts about Human Behavior

  • More than 90% of consumers use search engines to find products and services
  • People click on a result from the first page of Google almost 90% of the time
  • Over 60% of online buyers prefer clicking on organic results over paid ads.

The higher your site's position on the first page, the more qualified clicks you'll get. Your goal then is getting to the first page of the search engine results for as many relevant keywords as possible. So what do you need to do?

Why Is Getting A Top Search Engine Ranking So Difficult?

Reaching the top of the search engine rankings requires a combination of on-page SEO (the content found on your web pages) and off-page SEO (the text and links from other websites connecting back to your site). Here's what the evidence shows.

  • Today, the most significant factor impacting page ranking on search engines is the number of in-bound links pointing to a specific web page.
  • SEO experts know that getting as many high-quality back links as possible is the number one step you can take in achieving optimal search engine position.

You need to build hundreds, if not thousands of links, depending on how competitive your niche is. Building that many links takes a lot of time AND requires specialized knowledge. You need to know what types of sites will provide the best links. You need to know how to find these sites. And you have to build the links. Sounds very time consuming, doesn't it?

Are there other fast strategies you could try? What about jumping to the top of the search results using pay-per-click ads?

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: Are They Right For Your Business?

Are you using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive qualified leads to your website or online store? What would happen to your website traffic if you stopped paying for these ads? Would you stop getting visitors?

When targeted correctly, PPC ads can be effective in the short term. But once you stop the campaign, the traffic stops flowing. And depending on your targeted search terms, you could be paying a lot. As much as $500-$1,000 every month. Here are some more challenges.

  • Well-Funded Competitors can Beat Your Paid Campaigns in No Time
    Big corporations have plenty of money to bid for expensive keywords in Google.
    Keywords like "lose weight," "Internet marketing," or "business." Many of your competitors have an advertising budget of more than $5,000 per month. Do you have that much to spend? Even if you do, you don't want to throw it away on PPC campaigns that don't draw qualified traffic to your website.

  • Managing PPC AD Campaigns Can Take a Lot of Your Time.
    If you promote 20 products in your online store, you'll have to set up 20 PPC campaigns. If each campaign targets 10 different keywords, that's 20 x 10, for a total of 200 keywords. That's a lot of work writing ads and monitoring results.

What if you could draw increasing numbers of visitors to your website over time? And NOT pay a cent for this traffic. YES, you can. By using effective link-building strategies within the framework of search engine optimization. Here's how...

How Our SEO Strategies Can Give You Quality Links and More Sales

We focus on the link-building (off-page) aspect of search engine optimization for your website. As the number of pages and sites on the Internet grows at ever increasing rates, there's more competition for almost every topic. And that's why you need an expert partner to help you rise to the top of the rankings.

  • We treat off-page search engine optimization as both an art and a science.
  • Our SEO experts have put in a lot of time testing different strategies.
  • We have learned what works and what doesn't work. For real, live Internet sites.
  • We will even share with you our secret SEO strategies.

We don't just talk hypothetically about successful link-building. We achieve results for our clients. Here are a few effective strategies we use:

  • Submitting unique content to high-traffic article directories and blogs (based on your niche, we'll also look for more specific directories)
  • Answering questions on popular Q and A forums
  • Contributing educational reports and useful presentations to document sharing sites
  • Featuring timely press releases on dedicated PR sites

What Results Can You Expect From Our SEO Link-Building Services?

Before we talk about what we CAN do, we want to tell you what we can't do. We can't guarantee that your website will reach the number one position in the search engine rankings. But we CAN guarantee an increase in your search engine ranking. Your site WILL beat out your competitor's website's organic ranking position.

Understand that no reputable company can guarantee the first spot on the search engine rankings using link-building SEO. Only those behind the search engine algorithms know for sure. And they aren't telling.

But we CAN show you successful results. Based on what our SEO experts have accomplished for past clients, we know our methods and strategies work. And we are always testing new tools and investigating new ways of getting results.

SEO Project Finished in 30 Days or It's FREE

Here's What You can Expect From Our SEO Package:

  • Dozens of permanent, high-quality links
  • Links from a variety of sources, appearing over time, back to your website
  • All-inclusive link-building packages, with no extra costs
  • SEO strategies that appear natural to the search engines
  • Link-building overseen by our own highly trained experts using the latest tools and most up-to-date technology

Can your Internet business use more high-value links,
driving more and more traffic to your site each day?

Do you want top rankings in Google without throwing away more money on pay-per-click ads?

If so, choose from one of our link-building packages below. There's no time to waste.

Are Your SEO Strategies Delivering Enough Traffic?