Maximize the Success of Your Website With Social Media Marketing

What's the buzz about social media marketing? Why are so many people talking about Facebook and Twitter?

You've probably seen a Twitter message or a YouTube video that started out small and exploded into something huge. It's the nature of online viral marketing. Once started, it's unstoppable!

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Why Your Customers Love Social Media

Social media includes a wide variety of online platforms from Facebook and Twitter, to online video (such as YouTube), social bookmarking sites, and social shopping portals. Like most communities, people talk about their likes and dislikes, ask questions, and recommend products and services to other people.

Before deciding to buy from you, your potential customer can interact with online groups, read reviews, and ask questions about your products or services. And you as the business owner can guide this conversation to your website, using social media marketing.

Ignoring Social Media Can Cost You Money

Here's some information about the reach of social media in the past few years.

Worldwide, 22% of all time spent online takes place on social networks and blog sites. And in the United States, 74% of all Internet users spend time visiting social networks, averaging over 6.5 hours each in April, 2010.

Do you think social media activity is limited to younger people only? During 2010, the number of social media users aged 40 and up increased 100%. That means that 25 percent of people in that age group are part of a social networking site.

More and more people, from teenagers to the middle-aged, are turning to social media for information, for education, for expert advice. And the "experts" they turn to are often regular people and ordinary businesses who have become trusted sources on the Internet.

Transform Your Company Into a "Social Authority"

So how do you become that "expert" or "authority voice" online?

The first step is to join the conversation. Find out what your potential customers (don't forget current customers) and social media followers are talking about. What problems are they trying to solve? What are they recommending to their online friends? By getting this basic information, you'll know where your company fits - and how you can offer useful solutions.

Once you know what to start talking about, you can start building a net of solid, useful content linking your business to the social media world. You'll find many different social media marketing strategies. Once you start interacting with your customers through social media and see how these activities enhance brand awareness - you won't want to stop.

Top Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing:
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers
  • Improving and enhancing your brand awareness in selected markets
  • Drawing more and more highly qualified ready-to-buy visitors to your website
  • Becoming a trusted authority - and earning higher rankings in the search results

Boost SEO Rankings With Social Media Marketing

You might be wondering about the connection between search engine optimization and social media. Many businesses see these two strategies as completely separate.

By monitoring discussions among consumers within your industry (via social media), you stay on top of what's most important to your customers. You'll also want to see what questions are on the minds of consumers. These hot topics can help improve your products and enhance existing services. They'll give you insights on where your business should go next, jumping ahead of your competitors.

Social media sites allow you to create back links, boosting your search engine rankings. Once you know what your customers are searching for, your SEO strategy becomes more effective.

Promoting Your Business Using Social Media

Virtually every business can find positive and useful ways of connecting with current and potential customers through social media platforms. Strategies may differ depending on your business type. But the biggest mistake you can make is to ignore or neglect social media altogether.

Not every customer will have a positive experience with your company. So you'll want to have the ability to engage that customer (and improve their experience) before they broadcast a negative message.

Customers who receive positive attention from you after a not-so-good interaction with your business can become some of your most ardent supporters. It's always less expensive (and more profitable) to make multiple sales to current customers rather than finding new customers.

And you'll have those customers who are so happy with you and the results you've achieved for them, they become part of your marketing strategy. Using social media marketing, it's easy to harness those success stories and use them to attract even more satisfied clients.

Once you join the social media conversation and understand what your customers are looking for, you'll be amazed at how quickly your business will grow.

Here Are the Top Social Media Strategies:
  • Adding your products to social shopping networks
  • Sharing links on social bookmarking sites
  • Connecting on Twitter
  • Creating educational online video
  • Engaging customers through Facebook Fan Pages
  • Aggregating content with Squidoo and Hub Pages

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Maximize the Success of Your Website With Social Media Marketing