33 Killer Web Conversion Ways To Increase Sales

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Yes, you have great looking website offering an amazing product or service. You are getting tons of traffic, but do you are not making enough sales. Why are you losing so many customers? Perhaps there is an issue with your website’s usability. How can you turn visitors into customers?

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Increasing Web Conversion Rate Starts with Good Web Usability

What is website usability? Simply put, it determines ‘how usable your website is’. Can your visitors find the information easy to through the web pages. Can they find your products and view your offers without navigating through tons of pages. Remember, most people on your website are casual visitors. If they can find what they are looking for in a few seconds, you will move to competitor’s website

It is absolutely essential that you make your website more usable. You are telling the visitors that you have an attractive offer and want to do business with them. How you can make online shopping a pleasant experience to and turn your visitors into royal customers?

Here Are 33 Tips To Improve Web Conversion Rate

1. Headline

This is probably the single most important factor that can improve your conversion rate. Experts believe that by just adding a headline, you can improve your conversions, even if the headline is not that great. These are immediate attention grabbers, and a well-written headline can make the visitor interested, and stay on the page to read the sales copy.

2. Attention Grabbing Sub Headings

Subheadings is a great idea. It is another instant attention grabber for your landing pages. The visitor will get an idea on what each webpage is about and what you are offering. Keep your headings in a bigger font and it should be in a darker shade of red – one that is closer to maroon works best.

3. Make the Content Easy to Read

The human eye finds it easiest to read when the background is white and the text is black. Also remember, online readers just scan through the text and do not go line by line. So use bullets and numbers and highlight the important sections. You may also use colored boxes for your testimonials and bonus offers.

4. Easy Nnavigation Structure of Your Website

Can the visitors move from one page to another easily? There are some websites that do not link to the Home page from sub-pages – this is a big mistake. Can visitors find your “Buy” or “read more” link easily? If you have a drop down horizontal navigation bar, do ensure that it is not overlapping the headline.

5. Think Like a Visitor

Often websites are organized to suit the needs of the owner or the webmaster, and not the user. This is one of the biggest mistakes many online business owners make. You should rather think from the point of view of the visitor. Do not use jargons in your text. Is there an easier way to add products to the cart? Can you accept orders over the telephone? There are a lot of buyers who would prefer to call you.

6. Goodbye Flash

Those flash movies and huge graphics are no good – get rid of them. They slow down your web page, make it harder to load and decreases your SEO ranking. Broken images are no good too. People on the Internet are mostly looking for information and are hardly interested in images.

7. Clear Checkout Steps

In the checkout stage, inform your visitors about the steps to come. If you are traveling, you would surely feel awful if you did not know how far away your destination is. You visitors will have the same bad experience, if you don’t tell how far they are from the final checkout point. You could just mention how many steps are there in the checkout payment process and where they are currently.

8. Contact You

Tell them a bit about yourself and provide contact details. Provide them a way to contact you for whatever reason. Online buyers are always worried about whether the product will meet their needs and whether the shipment will arrive or not. It is really frustrating if they have to keep looking for your contact information – so display it prominently.

9. White Spaces Are Very Important

Never try to fill out the entire page with text and images. Leave some white spaces so that the visitor’s eye can get some rest. Do not display your content and images in such a way that their eyes have to travel from left to right. This will confuse a lot of people on what to see and read.

10. Sales Copy

This is very important too, particularly the beginning. Readers on the Internet scan through the copy – they do not go through it line by line. So when you are writing, highlight important sections of the text and use bullets and numbers wherever applicable. Also, rather than writing about who you are and what you do, highlight the benefits of your product. Don’t start with those boring features, start with benefits immediately. People buy from you, because they can benefit from your product or service in a certain way.

11. Easy to understand link structure

Make your website easily navigable with clear visible links. If you have a separate page for your product, then place the link prominently so that visitors can easily find it. There are some generally accepted locations on every website where visitors expect to find the links, and you cannot ignore their expectations. Remember, the visitors will not try too hard to find them.

12. Get rid of that banner

Traditionally, websites have always displayed banners, but this is changing. When you have a banner, your headline, sales copy, the order link and everything else goes ‘below the fold’. So visitors have to scroll down to find them, and many of them do not want to do this. So get rid of the banner to make your headline and the beginning of the sales copy visible.

13. Test the price

Arriving at the right selling price is always a challenge. Do you earn more revenues if you mark up the price, or should you sell more units by reducing the price? These are questions every e-commerce website asks. Do some comparison analysis to find out how much your competitors are charging. You could also do an A/B Split or Multivariate test to find out the best price for you.

14. Give away free bonuses

Free bonuses always works – both online and offline. So give them away to boost your conversions. You can also make the free bonus offer time bound – make an offer to give the bonus away free, only if the visitor buys in the next 72 hours or so. There are many who put off the purchase decision for later, and never come back. A time bound free bonus offer can make them take immediate action.

15. Secure shopping

Shopping cart abandonment is a very serious issue. Many people click the ‘Buy’ link but do not order when they are at the shopping cart page. You could include a “secure shopping” message or repeat the money back guarantee to lower your abandonment and improve your conversion rate.

16. Add testimonials

Testimonial is one of the most power conversion tool, and that is why many big web pages publish them. You can see a lot of feedback at Amazon. To improve credibility, you can also include audio and even video testimonials. Testimonial is a power tool to convince your customers that you have a good product or service. It increases your conversion rate tremendously.

17. Make your website more credible

Make your website more credible by including your phone number and physical address. Your visitors should know that there is a way to communicate if they do not like the product, or if the shipment does not arrive. Reassurance logos such as BBB (Better Business Bureau), Verisign and others work to your advantage too.

18. Make a fresh offer from an exit pop-up

A visitor may not want to shop with you in spite of your best efforts. Track all those visitors who are exiting the page without shopping, and show them an exit pop up. You can make a special offer from the pop-up, such as a special 20% discount, plus the free bonus if they make a purchase. What can you lose? The person has already decided not to shop. So this effort can bring back many of them and can improve your conversions.

19. Have a Perfectly Functioning Website

If one single thing malfunctions on your site, buyers will not trust you with your credit card. Make sure everything works flawlessly or don’t bother launching the site at all.

20. Use Clear Return Policies to Convert Customers

Nothing is more attractive than a generous return policy if a customer is not satisfied. Make your return policy clearly and easy to find for your customers. You should also include this in your automated email notifications.

21. Offer Strong Guarantees

If you can offer 100% Guarantees or “your money is refunded” to customers then you will go a long way towards encouraging your prospects to buy.

22. Provide Easy Access to Customer Service

Offer your visitors a 24/7 help line that they feel confident about calling or emailing should they experience a problem with your product or service. Have a phone number in your website. I see many website still don’t have phone number. People buy online a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should remove the phone number.

23. Make All of Your Contact Details Available

People nowadays prefer to be working with a real person and real company. They do not like dealing with the faceless entity on the internet. Include your name, address and phone number and any other possible information to gain your potential customer’s trust.

24. Offer As Many Payment Options As Possible

The more payment options you offer the more likely your customer is to buy. Offer payment through debit, credit cards, Paypal, wire, cheque – any way that you can think of and you will make that sale.

25. Check out Your Competitor’s Site

It is well worth it to constantly spy on you rivals to see what they are doing and then beat them at their own game. It’s part of the marketing game.

26. Solicit and Welcome Feedback

You can build intimacy and trust with your prospects by communicating with them as much as possible. Let them know that you are willing to hear and apply their suggestions and feedback as to the improvements in your site. Even better write about how you have improved the site taking your customer’s suggestions to build trust with them.

27. Offer Special Discounts and Promotions

Offering special discounts and promotions can go a long way towards impressing a new customer. You can offer them these discounts online.

28. Get Everyone on An Emailing List

To build a list of customers add an opt-in list form to your site. This allows them to take part in what is known as permission based email. This allows you to legally send them as much mail as you like about your products or services.

If you apply all of these tips you can improve the conversion rate by at least 100%.

The conversion rate of your website could make or break your online business. If you are receiving lots of traffic, then it is a good start. But that is just half the battle – you have to improve your conversion rate so that more prospects become paying customers, because your store needs to earn revenues to profit.

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SEO MARKTING 30 days > SEO Tutorial > 33 Killer Web Conversion