How to Use Facebook Marketing to Increase Sales

You can certainly use facebook to make more profit in your business, but you need to be more subtle that in other forms of marketing. The reason for this is that people on facebook want to find friends and don’t want to hear any hard sales pitches from marketers.

However, those people do want to solve the problems in their lives, so they still need to hear about the solutions you have to offer. As you can see, there is a certain way that facebook must be used if you want to be successful with it. This article will give you the keys.

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Regularly update your Facebook Status

It is very easy to keep your facebook page fresh and active. This is one of the keys to a successful facebook page or profile. There may be times when you don’t have something special to say or write about, but you can always make a quick comment about a product, observation or current activity. Try to ensure that it relates to your market in some way.

Get Fresh Content from Other Sources

Don’t just rely on creating your own content each time you make a new post or comment. You can add content from other sources via RSS feeds. You need to be a little careful with this as it can quickly get out of control, but on the whole it is a good idea. Adding content from other sources will make you appear as a fountain of knowledge and very interesting.

Remember not to go overboard or it will just crowd out your wall and annoy people.

Besides, frequent update your facebook pages will let the Google robot visit your page more often, giving you a higher ranking. Facebook pags are now search engine friendly. So, optimizing your facebook pages for the search engines will generate more visitors.

Use Photos and Videos

Potential customers want to know who they are buying from and speaking to. In the modern age of social media it is very important that you use photos and videos to show people that you are a real person with a life of your own. Adding some personal photos lets other people connect to you and your message.

You should also use videos in order to offer content and to explain certain principles of your products and services. You can create interviews to answer questions that people have asked you. All of this makes your facebook page much more interesting and relevant in your market. Besides this, the more range of content you have on your page, the more rankings you will get in Google and the other search engines.

Use or Set up Facebook Groups to Build Trust, Instead of Selling

Facebook groups are very powerful and one of the core features social media. People are connecting based on ideas and interests. You need to find a group that relates to your market or establish one of your own. This is the best way to keep the conversation centered on market specific topics, which lets you present your product as the solution.

Remember that you need to build up your profile over time. Anytime you add some new content, imagine how it comes across to your visitors. Aim to be a friend and advisor instead of being seen as a salesman.

As with any social media channel, avoid selling your product or service. Instead, provide valuable information or advice that you can share with your social friends. Social media is all about sharing things together.

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How to use facebook marketing to increase sales