How To Brand Your Company
With Online Video Marketing

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To increase the exposure of your brand, you need to be in front of your audience more than your competitors. That’s why big companies spend millions of dollars on commercials and personality sponsorships each year. They even hire movie stars and sportsmen to wear their branded products. But who has that money to spend?

Fortunately with the current Internet technology, you can launch your online video at a much lower cost. The rise of better video recording technology and distribution methods mean that you can quickly create online videos and have them uploaded in a single day.

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You know how many videos are uploaded to YouTube every day? Milllions of videos. Almost every a video is uploaded to YouTube. That’s huge amount of videos and tons of traffic. People are uploading all sorts of stuff – How To's, reviews of products, launches of products.

What Are The Popular Types Of Video marketing?

The most popular types of video online tend to be funny videos and tutorials. If you are comedian or sell a product in that market, then the funny video will work for you, but for most other markets the tutorial type of video makes perfect sense.

It allows you to create a quick ten minute video describing and explaining one particular concept or exercise inside your industry.

Always create videos about the most valuable topics in your market. For example, if you are in the golf market then create videos about lowering your handicap, how to drive the ball further or how to hole more putts.

Decide On Your Angle First

When creating your video content, it is good to have a short script first. This gives you the means to know what angle you will take when presenting. You might want to come from a controversial point of view, an authoritative point or view or the "guy next door" angle.
This is basic copywriting stuff but it makes a big difference. You will need to decide this based on your market and who they identify with most. You should also think about how you present yourself and the company, as this video will act as a branding tool.

Make Your Branding Clear

When you create a video, there are many instances that branding can be used. You might have a company t-shirt that you wear in order to stand out from your competitors. You may even dress in a certain way, or have a spokesman who is fictional. You can also have a backdrop that brands your company or clearly gives an image of what you stand for.

On top of this, you can paste your own website address or phone number at the bottom of the screen. If you need more ideas about this then watch some late light infomercials. Watching these TV channels will give you lots of ideas on how you can imitate them.

Distribute Your Videos To Get More Traffic

Once you have one or more videos you need to start distributing them across multiple video sharing sites. You need to include YouTube as it’s the number one and Google supports in their search listings, but don’t forget the others also.

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How To Brand Your Company With Online Video Marketing

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Social Media and SEO > Online Video Marketing