How Social Bookmarking Bring more Visitors

Link building with social book marking has changed

So you have built beautiful and unique website? Are people visiting your website so that they can see what you are offering, make a purchase? It’s time that you learn how to use SEO to drive more visitors to your website. One effective SEO tool is social book marking.

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Strengh of Social Book Marking

Social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Propeller are incredibly popular and used by many thousands of people every day. Members of a social bookmarking site have the ability to bookmark any content materials that they find anywhere on the internet to their account, in such a way that their bookmarks are available to other site members.

Consequently, those other members can see stories, news articles or videos that have been bookmarked by their fellow members, before taking a look themselves to see what all the fuss is about.

New Social Bookmarking Strategy

If you have an online store you cannot just submit your product pages to the social bookmarking sites. You need to submit interesting news worthy articles to the social book marking sites. Here is an effective social book marking strategy.

Step1: Submit an Article to Article Directories
One effective way of sending visitor traffic to your web pages is to write articles about the subject around which your business is built, and then submit those articles to the more popular article directory sites. Make sure you have a link going back to your own website.

Studies have also shown that web visitors tend to go to businesses that have immediate online help. You might be thinking that you can’t afford it but it is well worth it for building trust. You can hire outsourcers to do the writing for you.

Step 2: Make your Article Popular with Social Bookmarking
Now submit your article in the social bookmarking sites. Once your article is listed in the social book marking site, it will receive votes. Every social bookmarking site has a system where individual members can ‘vote’ for particular content materials that they have found on the net.

The result is that anything that enjoys sufficient ‘votes’ can end up on the homepage of the social site as one of the most popular stories of the day. When this happens, it can drive thousands of visitors to a website within a few hours.

Social Book Marking Sites are Authority Sites

All of these social sites have already achieved high Google Page Rank, and therefore the links that you generate from them are extremely valuable.

Consequently, every time you publish new content anywhere on the internet – irrespective of what it is or where it is published – you should submit information about it to the social bookmarking sites as a way of generating lots of one-way incoming links very quickly. Especially when you have a blog that is not commercial.

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How social bookmarking bring more visitors