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The Relationship of SEO and Social Media Revealed

SEO can be carried forward onto social network marketing, increasing your website’s ranking and driving more targeted traffic. Yes, social media sites allow you to have a link back to the website, giving you higher ranking in Google.

In the social media sites, users are sharing their experiences and ideas with their friends. Building trust with these users through social media sites can help boost your sales. What most internet marketers don’t understand is how to implement SEO strategies into the social media sites to get more visitors.

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Top major benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Get more targeted visitors to your website
  • ncrease your website ranking with inbound links
  • Promote your brand
  • Build trust and customer relationship

Social Media is Viral Marketing

You also are able to do a more direct and expansive marketing measure, finding the prospects that are most relevant and appropriate for your site. Implementing SEO strategies within these advertising strategies will ensure that your site is given a great deal of much desired attention.

Here are the Top 6 Most Effective Social Media Strategies

1. Social Shopping Network

If you haven't discovered the social shopping communities on the web today, you are leaving lots of money on the table and missing major business opportunities. If you think your customers are only using Google, you're probably still shopping online the old-fashioned way. Gone are the days when people are only using Google search to find their product.

Submit your products in the most popular social shopping sites such as Kadooble, Stylehive, Shopwiki and join the conversations with your potential buyers. Social shopping is the next opportunity for brands and consumers to connect and enjoy products in a new way.

Getting high ranking in Google with SEO should not be you only marketing tool. Combine SEO with Social shopping sites to increase your sales.

  • Expand your sales channels
  • Really understand you customer by exchange shopping tips with them
  • You'll discover products you never knew existed

2. Social Bookmarking Sites

Submitting your webpage manually to social bookmarking sites like Digg,,, and will ensure a heavier volume of relevant traffic.

  • Social bookmarking will get you lot of backlinks
  • Social bookmarking increase your traffic
  • Social bookmaring is a powerful viral marketing tool
  • Your webpage gets indexed by Google in a matter of minutes

Submitting your webpage going through all of those social bookmarking sites can be very time-consuming. Learn how to to increase your traffic bookmarking efficiently.

3. Twitter Marketing

As Twittter has gain popularity, many businesses are using Twitter as a powerful marketing tool. Twitter allows you to speak directly to each customer. Now you speak to a wide range of people for free and place a link in the text that will be delivered immediately to the reader.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Promote your Blog Content
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Excellent way to spread multiple links

4. Online Video Marketing

How to Harness the Power of YouTube and Video Marketing? You can beat your competitors in any niche with You tube and get top ranking in Google. As you know Google has bought You Tube, because they see the future of video sharing and the advertising opportunities.

You tube has become a massive search engine in its own right. So now instead of just going to Google to find out something you can also go to YouTube and use their Search Box. You see the marketing power of video? Not to mention that YouTube videos are ranked very high in Google.

Imagine how much money you could make buy using simple and effective marketing techniques. Turn your video viewers into cash by using video marketing.

  • Drive more visitors to your website
  • Promote your brand
  • Get higher ranking in Google and increase traffic

5. Facebook Marketing

With more than 500 million users and 100 different languages, Facebook has become the most popular social networking site. A great opportunity to launch your business idea or communicate with your potential customers. Use facebook to turn strangers into friends, and friends into supporters, promoters, and customers.

Facebook now allows you to create link back to your website getting more traffic through SEO. Apply SEO tactics within your Facebook Page to reach more Facebook fans. While using viral distribution tools (news feed, invitations, and messages ) can keep fans are directly connected to you, with SEO in Facebook you can get more traffic.

Here are the facts and potentiol marketing power of facebook

  • 500 million active members
  • Have access to your facebook fan’s interest and hobbies
  • Over 85% of American women have a social network profile, with 95% of them on Facebook.
  • More than half of everyone who shops online has a Facebook profile

Discover the power of Social Media and SEO

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Social Media and SEO