How to Get more Buyers Using Social Shopping

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With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, people rely more on the opinions of the online community. Individuals are now seeking the help of their friends and the online community before buying products as well. This new combination of social media sites and online shopping is known as social shopping. It has created a whole bunch of new opportunities for marketers and retailers to find customers.

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Use Social Shopping Sites to Get Web Traffic

Social shopping sites like Groupon have become so popular with online shoppers that they are visiting the site on a daily basis for the latest deals. Social sites have large email marketing lists that can drive traffic to a retailer whose products are deemed attractive to buyers.

Smart marketers can include their latest product offerings on social shopping sites and obtain a large amount of web traffic that they never thought possible. The shoppers that visit a website from these social shopping sites are in a buying mood since they have already done their window shopping at the lead site.

Use Social Shopping Sites to Endorse your Product

Social shopping sites are seen as being authoritative in the eyes of customers. That’s because they actually have other shoppers who are recommending a product to other shoppers. It is often seen as more genuine to online shoppers.

A good marketer can submit a product to one of these social shopping sites and have it reviewed for free. The product is reviewed and tested by the site to see if it fits the needs of the shopping community. A positive review on a social shopping site can go a long way towards boosting product sales.

Use Social Shopping Sites to Build Back Links and Long Term Partnerships

Social shopping sites have premium partner programs that often let marketers place badges and links to social shopping sites.

In turn for placing these badges on their sites, marketers are able to make it a whole lot easier for customers to add your products to their shopping lists. The best part about this is that it will not just result in one sale but multiple sales for the retailer. That’s because these badges allow others to find a product and copy it to their own lists.

Use Social Shopping Sites to Build Brand Awareness.

Getting listed on a social shopping site is a major coup for any retailer. Many of the larger social shopping sites have millions of online customers visiting their sites each and every day. Sites like:
  • Groupon
  • Kaboodle
  • ShopStyle
  • Woot

Social shopping websites have only been around for a few years, but it’s obviously that they will to stay here for a long time and attract many shoppers.

How to Brand your Website and Get more Inbound Links with Social Shopping?

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How to get more buyers using social shopping

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Social Media and SEO > Social Shopping Network