Using Squidoo to Dominate your Market and Position in Google

Squidoo is a great way to get more traffic, customers and better rankings in your marketplace. There are certain things that you should do with a squidoo lens that Google loves to see, and these things will increase your visibility on the internet.

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Use less than Three Keywords in your URL

When you set up a new squidoo lens, you should use less than three keywords in the URL. You need to be smart about choosing a title that matches your market and also tells the search engines what the lens is about.

Link to your Primary Website

You need to use squidoo to link to your primary website. The reason is because squidoo is seen as an authority site by Google, so any link is given more weight than that of a normal website.

If your website is very new, then you will find a link from squidoo can quickly send Google to it. This means that you will get listed much fast than you normally would. The high quality backlink from squidoo should be anchored with a keyword phrase that fits your website. This will give it maximum effect.

Use Module Subtitles

Inside squidoo, you can use something called module subtitles. You need to use these whenever you make a new post as they are seen as headings by the search engines. Just as a header tag is given more weight in a normal website, so are module subtitles in squidoo. The search engines look at these titles in order to find out what your post and lens is about.

As such, you should always use your primary keyword, or keyword phrase here. This will give your squidoo lens a big boost right away.

Keyword Density

This is a similar rule to that used when creating articles. You need to keep the keyword density to about 2-3 percent. You should never go above five percent density as it will be seen as spam. There are some different views about this from squidoo users, but its best to focus on sprinkling a number of your keywords throughout your post.

Add Google Blog Search

This is a module that you can add to your squidoo lens. It is very easy to add and it will make your lens more SEO friendly. The reason is that it has live links within it that the search engines can read.

The key is setting it up correctly. When you set it up, ensure that your links and descriptions have your primary keywords within them. This will boost your search engine optimization for the lens and should help you to rank higher for your chosen keywords.

Write Great Content

As social media becomes more and more popular you need to avoid using any sneaky tactics as they are getting well known. The best success will be found by people who create great content for their readers. These lenses will be read and linked to, and therefore just grow virally. The old adage of offering value to people still holds true.

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Using Squidoo to dominate your market and position in Google