What Is A/B Split Testing And
How Can It Help Your Website Convert Better?

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Great news! You are getting a lot of Internet traffic to your website, but is that traffic converting? To profit, your website must earn revenues, and you can earn only when your visitors convert into paying customers. So frankly, there is no reason to be happy just because a lot of visitors are coming in. And if that traffic is from paid sources like PPC (Pay Per Click), then you could be leaking money. If you are not converting, it is better if you received less traffic – at least you can save the revenue outflow.

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Unfortunately, website conversions are generally very low. In fact according to estimates, most online stores can convert just about 1% to 2% of their visitors. But you could try to improve this, and this is where conversion optimization comes in.

A/B Split Testing Explained

Most people when planning their website are indecisive about the various elements or factors. For example, you can ask the designer to make a couple of banners for you, but are you sure which one would appeal more to your visitors? And should you include the banner at all? There are so many websites these days that do not have the banner. You can also come up with various headlines. But again, are you sure which headline would have the best impact?

There could be other factors as well. For example,
  • Does a long sales copy, or a short copy work better?
  • What is the best position in your web page for those testimonials, and should each testimonial have a headline highlighting the most important statement from that customer?
  • Do you need cross selling from your shopping cart page, and if so, what is the best position to display these products?
  • Do you need the bonus at the product page or Home page, or will a surprise bonus in the shopping cart convert better?
  • What is the best selling price? Is it best to price the product competitively (and sell more units), or would you earn more if you charged more (though you sell fewer units, but the overall revenues are still higher)?
  • What converts better and earns more revenues – a '30 day money back guarantee' or a '90 day money back guarantee'?
  • Should you add a security message in the basket page, and if you should, then what should be the text for high conversions?

There are a lot of areas where you must take important decisions – how your website converts will depend on this. A/B split testing allows you to test two different variations of a single factor. For example, you might have this intuition that your Headline 1 may convert better than Headline 2, or pricing your product at $19.95 might earn you more than $24.45. However, it is difficult to be certain because the tests often lead to surprising conclusions. So it is best to test these two different variations, and see how your visitors react.

How To Do Your A/B Split Test?

All you have to do is set up two separate versions of your page. For example, if you are testing the Home page, you could name them Index.html and Index1.html. If you are running a PPC campaign, then you could change the destination URL from your advertisements so that one half of your traffic goes to Index.html and the other half goes to Index1.html.

But do remember that you must keep your advertisement copy and everything else consistent. In other words, when you are testing the Headline, just test this factor, and keep everything else the same. Once both these versions have received enough traffic and sales, you can conclude which Headline caused better conversions. You can repeat the A/B split test for another factor such as the price with the winning Headline.

SEO Project Finished in 30 Days or It's FREE

Part 6: To Help Your Website Convert Better

What Is A/B Split Testing And How Can It Help Your Website Convert Better?

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Analytics > To Help Your Website Convert Better