What Is Multivariate Testing,
And Why It Is Superior To A/B Split Tests?

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There’s a new buzz on the Internet and it is "multivariate testing". What is it, how is it different to A/B split testing and how can it help your website?

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Any webmaster or web entrepreneur will face difficulties when planning the website. There are many crucial decisions to be made, and the success of your business depends on them. Every website has several elements or factors, and how successful your online business becomes will depend on the quality and the placement of these factors. However often, more than the effectiveness of the individual factors, it is how they work in combination that matters. For example, how will your banner do with your headline? So for these 2 factors (banner and headline), here are the various possible combinations...
  • Banner and headline both present
  • Banner present but headline not present
  • Headline present but banner not present
  • No banner or headline – you start with the sales copy

Here Are Some Of The Factors That You Could Test

  • Headline (various versions)
  • Sub-headlines
  • Sales copy
  • Order link (image or text link)
  • Testimonial (with or without headlines and pictures)
  • Bonus offers (positioning in the page and number of bonuses offered)
  • Certification logos (positioning)
  • Money back guarantee (30 day or 3 months)
  • Banner (present or not present – static or animated)
  • Cross selling in the shopping cart page

A/B Split Testing Vs. Multivariate Testing

A/B split testing allows you to test two variations of a single factor at one time. In other words, if you have two variations of the headline, you could run the test to determine which one would work better. But a headline often works in combination with other factors too like a banner, sub-headlines and others. Similarly, the A/B split test could also determine whether the text order link or an image link will convert more for you. But how do you determine both the link’s position in the page and its type at the same time? You cannot.

Also, you cannot possibly keep testing different versions of each factor because this will simply take too long. Most websites cannot afford to spend so much time.

If you are testing only two versions, for fifteen factors, then statistically there could be thousands of creative combinations of your page. And if you increase the number of versions (with multivariate tests you can test more versions for each factor), then it could take forever.

You will need to run a multivariate test for this. It saves you time and it accurately gives you the right combination (different versions for various factors).

How Does The Multivariate Test Work?

There are some software products out there that can create various combinations for you. Of course you will have to decide the factors and their variations that you want to test. For example, if you want to test different headlines, you must write them first. Similarly, if you want to test different versions of the sales copy, you must write them as well. In short, your creative elements must be ready before you can run the test.

Once done, the software will create the various combinations and load these pages. Once each of these combination pages receives enough traffic and sales, the software will reveal to you the winning combination. Now run this page against the default page (your web page before the test began), and let both of them get enough traffic and sales. You will finally have the winning version. In almost all the cases, you will have a "winner" because your default page will lose.

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What Is Multivariate Testing, And Why It Is Superior To A/B Split Tests?

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Analytics > What Is Multivariate Testing