Why Visitor Tracking is Important
for your Online and Offline Business

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On the internet, most of your potential customers will use keywords to find what they are looking for. Keywords are search terms used by web visitors on the search engines. A web visitor will either search for a specific product or words or terms relating to what he/she wants. If you want to promote your online business offline, you can start with the use of search engines’ search terms too.

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Don’t Forget Local Keyword Research

You can use the search engines to determine to an extent, the interest of your potential customers, by checking on the keyword search terms used by web visitors to search for specific products, in the locality you wish to sell.

For example, if you sell percussion massager, and you use a keyword tool like the Google Adword Keyword tool (which can be found at google.com), you may get search terms that use the product name with specific localities like percussion massager California, percussion massager new york etc. This may be a good indication that people from those localities/cities, were searching for the product online.

How to Track your Online Visitors and Get more Sales

Before you promote your online business offline; there are certain things you’ll need to set up first. The internet allows you to track your sales and leads, that is, when you direct web visitors to your website or online store, you’ll be able to know if they bought not.

Some of your visitors will buy from you, thereby converting to sales, while others will not. If you want another opportunity to promote your product service to these non buyers, you should ask them to subscribe to your mail list (these will be your leads). Don’t let them go without signup up to your mailing list, otherwise you will lose your leads completely.

You’ll need a web page where you’ll direct potential offline customers to your website/store. And you’ll need an opt-in web page to subscribe web visitors and sales web pages that’ll sell your products. In addition to these, you also need an ad tracking software that’ll let you know:
  • Where your web visitors came from (online or offline)
  • How many unique visitors came to your website/store
  • How many product sold etc.
  • How many visitors are leaving your webpage
  • Why they are leaving your webpage

You can get the free tracking software Google Analytics from Google. Tracking your website helps your understand your customers.

How to Track your Offline Visitors and Improve your Advertising

You can promote your online business offline, through newspapers, classified ads, telemarketing, post cards or posters, depending on how much you can afford to spend on advertising. In your offline advertising, you may also give your offline targets, promo codes they can use on your website/store to get a discount or bonus gift.

You’ll use such codes to know those targets that are offline targets and to know how much money you’re making through them. The most important thing to keep in mind when you promote your online business whether online or offline, is that, irrespective of the ad media you use for your promotions, you’ll need to know how much money you’re spending on each advertising medium you use .

You should also know how much profit you make in return, and you can only do that when you track your advertising activities.

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Part 2: Why Tracking
is important?

Why Visitor Tracking is important for your online and offline business

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Analytics > Why Visitor Tracking is Important?