Understanding Your Customers
With Web Analytics

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Early on in the internet marketing game the only thing that you can see is the number of hits to your website. These numbers told you how many people visited your site per day or per month. Online business owners had very little information to measure the success of their website.

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Nowadays there are more advanced web analytics, which can collect, and analyzing your website’s activity. For ecommerce sites, web analytics helps determine if your online SEO and other strategies are meeting the business objective. These business objectives could be:
  • Visitor purchasing a product
  • Visitor signing up for a newsletter
  • Visitor simply clicking on an affiliate link

It is no longer just about getting surfers to your site. It is about understanding their behavior, analyzing it and then using that information to sell more.

Analytic Data about Customers is Collected in Two Basic Ways.

The first way collects information through log files and also records the activity of search engine spiders, such as those from Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others.

The second way provides much more detailed and accurate data. This is known as "page tagging". Page tagging is required for analytics packages that are hosted on other servers. The program puts a "cookie" on the user’s computer to provide more reliable information about your visitor’s behavior and then collects it for you in a database that you access. Once you have this information about your customers you can use it to analyze their shopping and behavior patterns.

What can you Analyze about your Customers with Web Analytics?

The first thing that is analyzed is hits. It is registered for every file requested whether it is an HTML file, a CSS file, an image or JavaScript file. You can also request a Page view or a visit record which can tell you how many times a customer has visited your site within a set period. The program will also tell you if the visitor is a repeat visitor or a new visitor.

All these pieces of information can be use to analyze the complex shopping habits of your potential customers. In particular it can tell you to which pages on your website the traffic is flowing. This can be surprising because it is not always to the pages that your product is on or your home page! This type of behavior can also reveal things like broken links!

How can Web Analytics Help Increase your Sales?

Ultimately you will be able to see whether or not your web conversions are successful Every online business has a different conversation goal. Here are the actions that retailers want to track,
  • User signing up for a newsletter
  • User signing up for a membership
  • User downloading a free E-Book
  • User buying a product from the online store
  • User buying a product through your email newsletter

The intent of web analytics in this case is to measure and report on the capacity of a website to create conversions.

Analytics software can also help you identify glitches in the shopping process that are making your customers to leave your site. Google analytics and other web analytic programs can tell you if the reason is “unsecured pages” or any other problems. Fortunately the problems that are revealed by Google Analytics are not often that complex and only require a quick fix!

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Part 4: Understanding Your Customers

Understanding Your Customers With Web Analytics

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Analytics > Understanding Your Customers