How to Improve Your SEO Campaign
With Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a great web analytic tool and it’s completely free. It has lots of advanced features that you can use to boost your ranking in the search engine pages and increase your site traffic.

With so many advanced features it’s easy to get lost for any SEO marketer. There is even a complete guide about Google Analytics of 200 pages available. Without going through those 200 pages, here are a few simple tricks that can boost your website traffic.

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Why Meta Title is Important for Ranking and Traffic Conversion?

Most SEO marketers know that the web page with most attention grabbing title gets the most clicks in the major search engines. There are several different titles in a webpage that a webmaster can optimize for the search engines, but the most important one for the search engines and the visitors is the Meta Title.

This meta title appears in the search engine listing. When an online visitor type in a keyword in the search engine, it will display a list of results. The search engines will display the best match for the keyword the visitor has types in. Most web users will quickly scan through the displayed results to find the right match. If there are many results with the same keywords, the visitor will click on the most attention grabbing title.

It’s important to create a meta title for the search engines, but you should also think about the online visitor. If your potential customer is not clicking on your webpage, you have lost a sale.

In the Google Analytics you can track the number of clicks of different Meta tags. You can improve the number of hits coming through the search engines by changing the Meta titles of your webpages

How to Make Different Meta Titles to Boost your Ranking?

These meta titles must be correct and accurately reflecting website content to ensure a high ranking in the search engines. To get the most from this you need to make sure that every single page on your site has it’s own individual meta title.

You should also make sure that page titles include the target keywords for your search. You might want to ask yourself if there is a way to locate pages that need attention. The good thing is that Google Analytics offers a feature that tells you which pages are working.

Duplicate Meta Title can Cost you Traffic

If you have several web pages with the same title, Google might not index some of your pages. Don’t count on the search engines to give you a page title that is appropriate. Sometimes it happens, but it’s important to give each web page, a different meta title.

Avoid leaving your Web Pages without a Meta Title

You also need to make sure that there are no pages without a title at all as the search engine robots may simply not bothering indexing the page. They may neglect it because they don’t understand it and the result is that you will have missed another opportunity to be listed in the search engine page rankings.

Analyze the Reports to Fix the Meta Titles

To improve your SEO campaign when running Google Analytics you need to keep an eye on your monthly of bi-weekly reports. Your next step is to find out why this is happening and correct the situation.

Simply identify the pages that need correcting and then you will be well on our way toward correcting anything preventing you from achieving the profitable page rankings you deserve.

SEO Project Finished in 30 Days or It's FREE

Part 3: How to improve
your SEO campaign?

How to Improve Your SEO Campaign With Google Analytics

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Analytics > How to Improve your SEO Campaign?