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With so many new tricks and marketing techniques coming out each day, many people forget the fundamentals of making money online. The most important thing to keep in mind is that all your content has a purpose of converting readers into subscribers or customers. The best way to reach this result is with a user friendly website.

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Here Are Some of the Important Things to Check that You Website is User Friendly:

1. Check Your Broken Links and Provide Good Titles

One of the first things that you need to do is check your broken links. A user will leave your website if the links do not work, as your website is unusable as well as unprofessional. Also, add a good text in your links to help the user find the right information in the website. Nobody likes to spend time finding out what information in the next following page.

These are the most basic parts, but many marketers overlook this simple step.

2. Categorize Your Content

Another very simple thing to implement and will make your website far more user friendly (and help it convert at a higher rate). This will let your user scan and find the content they want. You can make sub categories in order to implement this strategy.

3. Site Map

There are many advantages to using a well-organized sitemap. The major reason is that search engines use them to index and spider your website, including all of your webpages. The sitemap is also great for your users, as they can quickly find a specific page that they are looking for. Remember that you should organize your sitemap into categories for quick reference.

4. Break up Your Content

You should break up your content in order to have a user friendly website. You can use subheads, images and other methods in order to chunk down the content, make it more appealing and easier to read. This simple tip will help your readers to read more of your content and digest it. If your website is a long block of text, you will turn visitors away instantly. As such, just breaking down the larger blocks of content in to more manageable chunks can have quick results on your visitors.

5. Make Content Easy to Read

The simplest way to make content easy to read is to have black text on a white background. Don’t try to make your website look fancy by using colourful text or flashing text. This will make your website unfriendly on the eyes.

6. Add a Search Function

Using a search function is the best way to serve up relevant content to your users. This is a great way to let users interact and find content from your website very easily. You can also track the searches that are made on your website so that you know which sections are the most popular.

As you can see, it is actually very simple to create a user friendly website and you will gain much better results by implementing the ideas listed above.

SEO Project Finished in 30 Days or It's FREE

Part 2: Six Killer Web Usability Designs

Six Killer Web Usability Designs Every Website Must Have

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > Six Killer Web Usability Designs