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We all love freebies – whether they are available online or offline. You must have seen those long sales letter websites that give away free e-books as a bonus when you place the order. In most cases, the value of these freebies is more than the product price. Many people are tempted by the bonus offer and end up as paying customers – sometimes these offers are more attractive than the product itself. You can give away free e-books as well, and this will probably help, but there are other ways to jumpstart your sales as well.

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A free giveaway is always a great bait. However, chances are the person may not want what you are offering now. But he or she may need it in the future. So, the visitor may actually remember your website and come back for the free offer. You can also offer some freebies even if the person does not shop. You are giving this free gift as your personal thank you note for spending time in your website. You can definitely cut the ice, and you can even make the sale later.

Here Are Top 7 Bonuses You Could Give Away To Jumpstart Your Sales

  • Newsletter
    Ask visitors to sign up free and subscribe to your newsletter. Publish your newsletter regularly and inform the reader about your business, and also about the industry. Try to solve a problem, offer some advice. People love free advice. For example, if you are selling home décor products, you could publish information about home care and also on mortgage payments. Of course, you will also be able to capture the email address of the person, and can make a business offer from time to time.

  • Free Email Course
    Run a free e-email course and ask your visitors to sign up. Try to be really informative, and not just commercial. For example, if you are selling a neck massager online, your email course could teach a reader how to reduce stress and relax the neck muscles. It could also teach a few shoulder exercises and inform about foods to maintain good health.

  • Email Reports
    Ask your visitors to subscribe and receive special email reports. Publish information about interesting discoveries, statistics and even the results of key surveys. Such information may not be related to your niche. It can be general information that will interest most people. For example, you could give away a step-by-step guide to maintaining or installing vinyl flooring – this should help most. The idea is to stay in the loop and make the person remember you.

  • Give Away Free Templates
    You can give away free templates that make life a little bit easier. For example, your template could be on writing a resume that can be customized, or a letter to ask for a raise.

  • Free Coupon/Gift Certificate
    This freebie is best given away to all those who have already purchased from your store. If you are offering many products, there are probably other items that might interest the buyer. So you can offer a gift certificate or a discount coupon from the ‘thank you’ page, which is the page that appears after the sale. This certificate or the coupon allows the person to get a good discount on a repeat purchase.

  • Transcripts
    You could give away transcripts of a very useful live event – such as a class, speech, seminar or an interview. This can definitely be an unusual gift that will benefit many. Also mention that you plan to give away more such bonuses in the future. You can see many of them will return, thus giving you another opportunity to boost your sales.

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Top Give Away Bonuses To Jumpstart Your Sales

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > Top Give Away Bonuses