How Quality Content Can make
or break Web conversion

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So have just launched website or it has already been online for several years. You are not getting enough sales, why? You probably haven’t done much on sales copy and content writing.

Informative content is usually about how-to guides and tips, while a sales copy’s sole purpose is to persuade your targets to buy from you. To promote your online business successfully, you need to use either one these web content.

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Create relevant and Keyword Rich Content

Creating relevant and updated content on your website will increase your ranking the search engines. Search engines give priority to websites with relevant and constantly updated content. Since most people are looking for information at the Internet, you need to create content that matches with your targeted visitors.

Finding keyword search terms relating to your niche and targets is extremely important to get your website content easily found in the search engines. Create website content that has right relevant search terms used by your visitors.

This is one of the most important part of search engine optimization (SEO). A professional online marketer may choose to use more complex SEO tactics, but once you understand the importance of creating relevant content, you are far beyond your competitors.

Relevant Content Automatically Creates More Back Links

If you have relevant content on your website, other websites will link to you too. This is called back-linking. As you know backlinks give your website good ratings in the search engines. If those backlinks are coming from relevant or high traffic websites your ranking will increase faster.

Advanced SEO Strategies to Increase Ranking with Relevant Content

Here is another effective SEO strategy than you can use. You can also create relevant content and publish it at other websites linking back to your own website.

Creating relevant content at your website is necessary, but publishing relevant content will bring more targeted visitors and faster to your website. You can dominate your niche market by publishing relevant content everywhere and driving visitors back to your website. Here are two powerful SEO strategies that you should use.

Strategy 1: Article Marketing

Submitting your articles to other websites will increase your website ranking. Article submission helps you to build links/backlinks to your website, since your website urls will appear on several other sites online.

Strategy 2: Viral Marketing

Viral marketing allows your message to be passed from one person to another. Good examples are:
  • Submitting Ebook
  • Document Sharing
  • Social Bookmarking

Submiting a free Ebook with links back to your website at high traffic website will drive more targeted visitors. Since these people read your Ebook, they are familiar with company. When they visit your website they more willing to buy from you than before. Another advantage of Ebook is that the read can pass along the book to their friends for free. This creates a powerful viral marketing.

Social bookmarking websites allow you to store your bookmarks of website links on their sites. You can bookmark your website content on them too.

SEO Project Finished in 30 Days or It's FREE

Part 5: How Quality Content
Can make or break
Web conversion

How Quality Content Can make or break Web conversion

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > How Quality Content