Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates
with these 10 Hot Tips

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This is not to scare you off, but in reality, making an online sale is not that easy. Firstly, you have to grab the attention of the visitor with your headline and keep the person in the page with your sales copy. Next, you have to convince the person to click on your “Buy” button.

But did you know that as many as 80% of all people at the shopping cart or the order form will not buy? Shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue as it reduces website conversions a great deal.

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Here Are the Main Reasons for This.

Why Most Visitors At The Order Form Do Not Buy

  • I was just browsing through casually and hit the “Buy” button out of curiosity.
  • I was just doing comparison shopping – not ready to buy now.
  • I did not have time to complete the transaction.
  • I was not comfortable with the buying process.
  • I accidentally clicked the ‘reset’ button and did not feel like filling out the form again.
  • There were technical problems in the page.
  • I was not convinced that the shopping process was completely secured.
  • There was just one way to pay – I was not wiling to use my credit card.

There are several reasons why many hit the back button or worse, exit the website. However the good news is, once you know the real reasons, you can take action to reduce your shopping cart abandonment.

How To Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

1. Make Sure that There are No Technical Glitches

This may sound very basic, but there are many websites out there where there are bugs in the order form page. So test thoroughly. Place a test order to see whether you can go through the process smoothly or not. Also check to ensure that you are receiving the order email and that the money gets deposited. If there are any technical problems, solve them first.

2. Decrease Any Unnecessary Steps in the Checkout Process

Tests have revealed that a lengthy checkout process reduces the conversion rate. So if you have a lengthy process, break it up into two pages – this works better. Most visitors do not like to fill out huge forms online, and a big form in a single page may harm you. Try to remove any fields that are unnecessary.

3. Process Indicators

Adding process indicators work very well. As the person begins to fill out the form, he/she may wonder how long it will take. Process indicators inform the person how many steps are left and where he/she is currently located.

4. Registration to Complete Checkout

There are some websites where the visitor first needs to register before an order can be placed. This definitely increases the abandonment rate as very few people like to register. Remember, the person is at the cart not to register – but to order.

5. Multiple Payment Options

It is always good to offer several options as many online shoppers do not want to use their credit cards. So provide the option of PayPal and also Google Checkout. If possible, allow your customers to place an order over telephone.

6. Security Message and Your Trust Seals

No person will want to shop if the checkout process is not secured. So display your security message and your trust seals prominently. Do not make them difficult to find. Keep them close to the “Add to Cart” link.

7. Shipping and Return Policies

Many websites do not provide this information till the buyer is at an advanced stage in the order form. Often, the shipping charges are too high and the person may not like it and leave. Instead, display this at the beginning to build up expectation.

8. Surprise Bonus

Offer a surprise bonus at the shopping cart, whether you are offering a bonus in the Home/Product page or not. Surprise the visitor, and you can make a sale.

9. Cross Selling

Once the person has added a product to the cart, display similar products he or she might also be interested in. For example, if the person is ordering a neck massager, you could also display a face massager and a leg massager. Cross selling often works.

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Part 9: Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates with these 10 Hot Tips

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates