Web Usability Fundamental Guidelines
– How To Make Your Website User Friendly?

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Are you getting lots of traffic, but don’t know why the sales is low or not increasing at all? Shoppers on the Internet want a pleasant shopping experience. They do not want to try too hard to find the product, understand the content or go through the page layout for hours. Everything must be very easy to understand – and they should be able to find your product quickly.

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Web usability refers to how easy it is for the visitor to use your website. This is very important because if you score high on web usability, most of your visitors will remain longer, thus increasing the sales. And if you score poorly, most of them will go to your competitors.

Don’t Make your Visitors Think or You will Lose Money

A huge challenge for most website owners is to ensure that the website is unique and also usable – they have to maintain a balance. However when you are planning your design, content and layout, do remember that there are certain expectations among browsers. For example, if you want a banner, it must be at the top of the page. You cannot have that banner suddenly somewhere in the middle. Similarly, the text link of placing an order link should look like this:
  • “click here to place your order”
  • “buy now”
  • “add to cart”
  • “click here to get your copy”

Visitors will instantly know that this is the order link. Write something completely different such as “read more”, and it will only confuse a lot of people.

1. Your Website Must Be Easy To Navigate

When planning the navigation structure, plan with user ease in mind. If you have a horizontal navigation structure at the top of the page, do ensure that it is not hiding your headline. Also do ensure that there are no broken links in your website.

2. Visitors Should Be Able To Understand Your Content Easily

People do not read a book and a web page in the same way. When you are reading a book, you will go through the text in detail, but on the Internet, readers scan through the text. So do remember the following when you are writing content for your website.

  • Write small paragraphs. It is very difficult to read long paragraphs.
  • Use numbered lists and bullets wherever possible.
  • Highlight important sections of your copy.
  • Use simple language – no jargons please.
  • Use headlines and sub headlines.
  • Your content should have ‘call to action’.
  • Second person works best.

3. Planning The Navigation Structure

People do not want to think too much when they browsing online. So give simple names to the various pages on your website. If it is about your company, then name the page simply as “About Us”. If you have a separate product page, then just name it “Product”. Many websites make the mistake of not providing the “Home” link on the internal pages. This is a mistake because when visitors want to go back to the Home page, they have to hit the back button, and not too many want to do this. Create a Sitemap – it should link to various pages on your website. It will be easier for visitors to find the pages, and the Sitemap can help you at the search engines too.

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Part 1: Introduction

Web Usability Fundamental Guidelines– How To Make Your Website User Friendly?

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > Web Usability Fundamental Guidelines