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6 Unexpected User Behaviors Online

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Your website belongs to your customers. They decide whether your business succeeds or fails. So start off by understanding how people behave online, and some of this can be very surprising.

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Understanding User Behaviors Can Increase Web Conversion Rate

Visitors to most websites tend to like certain elements and ignore others. And if you can know what they like and what they don’t, you can then plan accordingly. Do it right, and your website is sure to convert better.

Here Are 6 Unexpected User Behaviors On The Internet

1. Banner Blindness

Eye tracking studies have revealed again and again that most visitors ignore the banner. But most websites still keep them, because they believe a website must always have a banner. What a waste of good space! The banner is at the very top where you could have put something else that appeals more to your visitors – such as a compelling headline or benefits.

2. Most People Have Tunnel Vision

Several usability tests have revealed this reality. Do an experiment. Place a link in the right column of your web page next to an “Article” link instead of the conventional place for such a link. Ask people to find the link, and you will see that most of them cannot. They would search for the link at all the usual places and get stuck. If it is not where it is expected to be, then the link would simply not be found.

3. Most Visitors Are Extremely Impatient

Though by character they may have a lot of patience, but they tend to lose it when they are online. There are so many websites out there that people can easily find alternatives. So if they cannot find what they were looking for quickly, they would rather look elsewhere. Usually going to your competitors.

4. Visitors Do not Read Online

The computer is not a reader friendly medium and so most people do not like to read too much. They will just scan through the text even if you have hired the best copywriter in town. Do not fight this, because you cannot. Keep your paragraphs short, highlight headings with bold text, and use numbered and bullet lists wherever possible.

5. Most People Are Auided by Habits

A huge majority of people cannot change habits. If a person knows a particular way to do a job, then he or she would use that method over and over again, even if it is not the best way. It is only when he/she becomes completely frustrated that an alternative is searched for. So if you are planning something new, do not completely discard the old method. For example, if you have an online forum where people can find answers to their problems, do not completely overhaul the system without giving the option of reverting back.

6. Most People Are NOT Willing to Click Deeper than 3 Levels

It was believed that most people online do not like to click and visit deeper than 3 levels. However studies have indicated that most of them are willing to do so provided they know where they are, and how far their goal is. So do not let them think too much when they have to fill out a form and move to the next level. Keep it as simple as possible and mention how many steps are left.

SEO Project Finished in 30 Days or It's FREE

Part 7: 6 Unexpected User Behaviors Online

Watch Out! 6 Unexpected User Behaviors Online

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > 6 Unexpected User Behavior Online