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To Improve Conversion Rate

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Website usability is something that few Internet marketers talk about today, but it can be a major pitfall for many online businesses. For example, a website could have the greatest content available with products or services, but if their customers cannot easily find it they are never going to make a purchase. Poor navigation is one of the biggest mistakes of many online stores. The same applies when users find your web content difficult to read. They are never going to get the value from your tips or guidelines. You will lose credibility and eventually lots of sales.

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Not Website Usability - How Much Money Are you Losing?

Many online businesses are losing a lot of money by not taking time to check and test their website usability. Here are top 3 ways to improve your website usability and conversion rate:

Web Usability 1: Is Explicit Navigation Needed?

Many experts insist that there should be a full navigation tree shown at all times, so that users know where they are on your website. Many experts insist on breadcrumbs for this very reason. However, this advice needs to be seen in the context of the website. For example, an adwords (Pay Per Click) landing page certainly does not require full navigation system in place. This would just be confusing and distracting to the user.

You also need to view navigation in terms of the results you desire from the website. If you are trying to direct visitors to a certain page on the website, then you should emphasize that page above all others. Under such circumstances you would not benefit from using a full vertical and horizontal navigation. Using such a navigation system on a single adwords page or any landing page or sales letter would not help you.

However, on an ecommerce website, a large blog or news website, a structured navigation system is needed and will be a great benefit to your users.

Web Usability 2: How Many Decisions should you Give to Users?

It is a known sales principle that offering too many choices leads to decision paralysis. For this reason sales people are taught to offer just a small number of options (usually no more than three). The same principle is at work in terms of website usability.

If you offer your visitors too many choices then they will not pick anything. There is a line that you need to draw between offering too few website options, and not offering enough variety. This is different depending on the market, so the best way to know is simply by testing.

Web Usability 3:Categorize your Content

One of the best ways to increase the usability of your website (and ensure that reader consumes more of what you have to offer) is to group your content by topic or sub niche. This is not only good for your online visitors, but also increase the search engine rankings. Google loves unique content, but also content that are categorized, so the robot can find the information easily.

This is a very easy to implement nowadays, especially with the new software platforms available in the market. Use the steps above to check your own website usability and see how much money you have been losing. You may be very surpised.

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Part 3: Top 3 Sure-Shot Way
To Improve Conversion Rate

Top 3 Sure-Shot Way To Improve Conversion Rate

SEO MARKTING 30 days > Web Conversion > Top 3 Way To Improve Conversion Rate