What Tracking Information Can You Use
To Improve Web Conversion

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Do you really understands what your targets want, what is working for you and what is making you more money? Do you know why you are losing money? If you answered NO to one these questions, then you need to look into your web analytics.

Your website conversion metrics gives you a lot of information to improve your conversion and increase the sales. The most powerful one is Google Analytics and it’s free. Nowadays tracking software gives you more than the keywords used by web visitors to get to your site from the search engines.

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You Can Also Know About:
  • Number of unique visitors to your site
  • Number of new visitors
  • Number of returning visitors

Analyse Your Keywords and Improve Your Web Conversion

Understanding which keyword is converting into sales and which is a loser helps you improve your SEO campaigns. Once you have analysed the new keywords, you can create web content and articles with headlines and body text that make use of such keywords.

Not every traffic to your website will convert to sales, but some of these traffic will subscribe to your email list instead. Once you have captured the email address you have more opportunities to promote to the subscribers on your list. You can also make more money by promoting other offers to your subscribe list later.

With web analytics you can find out which advertising media is giving you targeted traffic, so that you can focus on that media. Stop the advertising media that is wasting you money and only gives you random traffic.

Track and Improve Your Organic SEO Results

You will also get sales conversion metrics that will show you which advertising link, content or advertising media is making you money and losing money. Other data you can use from your web conversion tracking is the number of page views for your website content.

Your Tracking Software Can Show You:
  • Pages your web visitors viewed the most
  • Where they stayed the most
  • How long they stayed on your website
  • Which web page they came in through
  • Pages they use to exit your site
  • Content they downloaded the most
  • The least downloaded content

You can use these information to remove, add and edit the content of your website for better SEO results with your targets. Reoptimize your keyword rich webpages to get higher ranking and target to the right visitors.

Take a Deeper Look into Your PPC Campaign?

If you paid for advertising like in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, your tracking software should be able to measure additional metrics you can use to determine your actual profits on your ad campaigns.

Valuable Information that You can Track with Your PPC Campaign Are:
  • Number of clicks on your ads
  • Cost per click
  • Number of sales you made through a campaign
  • Total amount of sales in revenue you made
  • Cost per sale
  • Average value of each sale

If your average sales value is more than your cost for making the sale, you are running a profitable campaign.

If your PPC campaign cost is higher than your sales revenue, it’s time to review your campaign immediately. When you compare each one of these metrics, you can decide easily which campaign to retain and those to stop.

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What Tracking Information Can You Use To Improve Web Conversion

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